From Your Commercial Team June 4, 2024

B’s Nutrition!


Oh my gosh, if you’ve never been here, get on over to 1910 Pierce Street in Sioux City RIGHT NOW!


Where do I begin?  Lexy contacted me about a space to open a Tea Bomb store.  I knew of Tea Bombs, but didn’t really think I was a fan of them.  But I knew I WAS a fan of helping her find a great space!  She specifically had 1910 Pierce in mind.  We had gone through it a couple of times, her dad and uncle even accompanied us one of those times.  Seemingly, it was going to be great!  The landlord was wonderful in fulfilling her wishes and very accommodating on the parking as well.


So we started the LOI and negotiations.  Everything went very fast.  If you know Lexy at all, you know she’s not wasting any time! 🙂  When she has an idea, she is ready to jump in with two feet.  I loved her spark, her excitement, and her passion for this product.  It was so fun talking through the space, “Ok, so should the bar go here?  Is it a bar with stools or a order counter?  Where’s the prep area?  What are your thoughts on a drive thru?  Can my dad make me something really cool?  Where should the sink be?  Can we even put a sink over here?”  These were just a FEW of the many questions Lexy talked through with this space.


Eventually it all came together.  So just a couple days after she opened I had to try my very first B’s Nutrition Tea Bomb…OH MY GOSH I”M HOOKED!  Wow, sooooo good!  And did you know they do all sorts of events and catering and delivery??!  Wow!  I was also honored to be a part of her Siouxland Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting…the line was out the door for over an hour!  Lexy I think you have made B’s Nutrition a Siouxland staple!  Welcome and congratulations to you and your amazing team!


Don’t forget to click the link above for a cool video from her ribbon cutting!