From Your Commercial Team April 26, 2024

Heart Therapy – Molly Pace

Welcome to 4700 Gordon Drive, Suite 202.  You probably drive by this building all the time, and now you have reason to go in!  This property is the new home of Heart Therapy, and is all things beautiful and calm.

When Molly and I first walked into this space, I could already see her brain taking it all in, feeling the energy it was giving, and just really reading the space.  She was already seeing her vision fit the space.  So we worked on getting her LOI in place, followed by negotiations, lease draft, and finally a lease.  Then it happened, her beautiful vision was taking shape.  Lots and lots of sweat equity from both her and her husband went into this beautiful space.

What is Heart Therapy?  Molly says it best, “I’ve created this practice. This space. I hold this time for you to discover, create, and be the you that you are destined to be.  Right now I want you to dedicate time to your health and allow yourself the opportunity to heal if you need to.”  She introduces Heart Therapy as ‘Modern therapy for our crazy world!’, adding,

“We all crave change. Transformation, metamorphosis, growth, evolution.

Change is natural- but sometimes we need help moving in the right direction.”

While I haven’t experienced Molly as a therapist, I have had the pleasure of working along side her to find her beautiful home for Heart Therapy, and she is an absolute pleasure to be around.  Her calm aura even seems to calm me down!  If you are in need of a therapist please consider calling Molly today, 712-318-3351.

Wishing you all the best, Molly!!

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